If there’s a special event coming up or just a load of you getting stogether for a night out, then get in touch with us to see how we can do a special Pub Crawl for you! Either join us on one of our regular Pub Crawls or book your own Private Pub Crawl, all of this just for a fantastic value and a guaranteed party night!Please take a look at some of our suggested packages, or if you’ve already has an incredible plan for the night, just let we know and we will do all for you!

Whether it’s time to have a crazy night or to keep it classy, we need to bring you the best hen party ever.

One final thing to do before the wedding, and that’s to give the Stag a memorable last night of freedom with the guys.

That time of year has come back again to celebrate that special day … and then drink and enjoy a lot to remember how long ago that was!

Sometimes you don´t need a reason to celebrate getting together – you just need getting together a large group of your friends or colleagues for a reunion

We know it’s a little bit tough to live in Madrid on a budget… and even tougher to really LIVE!

So, if you’re planning something in the capital for work, then what better way to blow off the stress of work exploring a few bars!?